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"Russia is dear to me, with its snows and frosts, rivers and birds, applauding trees under the open skies - Northern, Far-Eastern, near-Baikal - this is forever".

Vladimir Feoktistov

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1992. The iron curtain had already fallen, and the fresh wind of changes brought a future prospect.

Travelling to Peru became for me a travelling to another world. Many things were new for me then: first time abroad, first time to tropics, first time on my own, first time in canoe (before were only kayaks and catamarans). Every day brought something new.
It was only some time later that I understood that the new can be discovered every time and everywhere, even at your own home.
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What is our life worth? What are we worth in the face of the unknown? What can a human feel at the middle of his way when he realizes that this way seems to be endless and this is not the way he must have chosen?
We may live knowing not much about ourselves and the world until we look death in the eyes. Sometimes, they give you help and advice, sometimes, they waft dank cold and desperation. But if we look in them without fear, the death will draw its eyes off.
And we'll thank it.
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One may love Madagascar not only for cordial and jolly Malagasy with their wise melodious dialect.
Yes, there is a lot of sunlight, flowers, and birds. There are Там unique baobab woods, funny lemurs, and tasty chocolate. As tasty as light-minded mulatto girls from Murandavu...
But I fell in love with generous Madagascar for that boundless peace which it gave me as soon as I set foot on Malagasy land. That was a royal gift. I wish it every heart that still has not find itself on this wonderful Way on the Earth.
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In December 1999 - January 2001, the first descend on the Mpomp River, the right confluent of the Congo River, Cameroon, was made.
Then, by hitch-hiking and regular-route coaches the journey continued to the Congo border. The journey ended in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo.
Also, collected was the photo and video material on the North part of Cameroon and N'Djamena, the capital of Chad.
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