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Percy Harrison Fawcett was one of the most unique figure among the XX century travellers. Sober-minded and experienced geographer and topographer, who erased many blank spots on the map of the South America, and a dreamer who beleaved in the most fantastic legends of Spanish and Portuguase conquerors about fairy tale towns and immense treasures supposedly hidden deep in Amazon forest. However, not a shine of gold but thirst for knowledge, a hope to discover the most ancient civilization on our planet were the Fawcett's guiding star.

It is namely that very person to whom Vladimir Feoktistov decided to devote his expedition to Acre, a hard-to-reach and poorly exploded state of Brazil, scheduled to autumn 2002.

Currently, there are few ethnographical data collected about the population of this territory. It is known that it is inhabited by the Indians of Cashinawa tribe living at the upper Jurua, a confluent of Amazon River. They live in a natural economy and know nothing about the world we live in. They have no money and nothing at all. Instead, they have enoph dexterity to fight face to face with a wild boar. The civilization has not yet strike their harmonious existence by parting they from nature. Tropical forest is their home, the sky is their cover, and the Earth - their mother...

The purpose of the journy is to make a documentary about the nature of those lands and the culture and the way of life of the local residents, as well as to collect unique photos, which, we hope, will become publicly available and make it possible for our compatriots to broaden their horizons.

The expedition is being prepared with participation of N. V. Rakuts (indos@vipmail.ru), ethnologist, research fellow of the Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Science.

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