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    The schedule of expeditions for the next few years:

    1. Brazil - Paraguay (20th December 2002 - February 2003)
      See the "Projects" section for more information
    2. Gabon (2003). Life of pygmies, learning their manners and culture. Upon completion, it is planned to carry out an exhibition of the photographs and articles of the people's art craft of these tribes (pictures made of butterflies, and many other things). This expedition will be the continuation of the African expedition Chad - Cameroon - Congo.
    3. Angola - Botswana - Namibia. Devoted to J. Livingston's 190th anniversary. The rafting down the Cubango (Ocovango) River is planned. This river is amazingly beautiful, and its upper reaches are absolutely unexplored - studied and described is the delta only. After that - holding the photo exhibition "Unexplored Angola".
    4. Taimyr Peninsula (маршрут разрабатывается).
    5. Verkhoyansky ridge (the route is being developed).
    6. Zambia - rafting down the Zambezi River's confluents - Luangva or Cabompo.
    7. Mozambique - rafting down the Lurio River of the Lureco and Ruvuma rivers.
    8. Vietnam - Cambodia. Rafting down the Cront River.
    The routes are subject to amendment and modification.

    The features of the routes:

    1. The routes go through hard-to-reach areas. As a rule, rafting down the rivers in such places is a first exploration. There, the virgin nature and the tribes that are not touched by civilization can be seen.
    2. Long duration of the routes in time and space.
    3. Autonomous conditions (no contacts with civilization).
    4. Complete dissolution in the local environment (meal at one table with the natives, the same food as they eat, overnight stops in the same huts).

    Aims of the expeditions:

    • To prove by own experience that the environment as such is safe. It responds aggressively only to human's internal aggression. But admits cordially those who come to it with open and pure heart.
    • To ride prestige of the Russian Federation and contribute to rapprochement of our people with other nations and their culture.
    • To gain experience, knowledge and their material representations (photo, video, articles of local cult, household, art works, and diary records), and then make them available for wide public, diving people the opportunity to join the natural and cultural heritage of the world community.

    Tools for realization of the aims of the expeditions:

    1. Publication of articles, diaries, photographs in Russian and foreign periodicals. The materials like these were already issued in such Russian editions as "Round the World" No.1, 1994; "Voyage", June, 2001; "Flora" No.6, 2001; "Aeroflot", No.4 2002; "AUS", April-May, October-November, 2002
    2. Provision of the text and photographical materials on the Internet on the Web-site feoktistov-land.ru, as well as on the other Internet resources (the links to our Web-site can be found on the server mail.ru, as well as at and ).
    3. Showing video films on Russian and foreign TV channels, as well as during various public cultural events. Currently, the video materials on the following countries are available: Iran, Pakistan, Cameroon, Madagascar.
    4. Organization of thematic parties dedicated to various nations and countries. Setting up photo exhibitions, as well as expositions of articles of household, cult, and arts.In September-October 2002 the exhibition "Madagascar in the eye of Russian traveller" took place in Moscow, organized in partnership with the Russian Association of International Cultural and Humanitarian Relations and the International Children's Art Gallery (Projects).
    5. Publication of ethnographic photo albums accumulating the materials of the expeditions and popular scientific information on nature and culture of people living on different continents and in different countries.
    6. Organization of a cultural centre whose activity would integrate public and business aspects of the expeditions undertaken.

    Public structures and organizations of Russia and foreign countries that may have quite real interest in the projects being implemented:

    • Print press
    • TV and radio
    • Internet resources
    • Publishing houses, editors offices, photo agencies
    • Museums and exhibition halls
    • Embassies
    • Cultural and public organizations
    • Geographical societies
    • Scientific (natural science) organizations
    • Ethnographic and anthropological institutes and societies
    • Medical organizations and everyone who deals with issues of human, studies human behaviour, health, etc. in non-standard extreme conditions.
    • Esoteric circles (shops, publishing houses, schools, societies, etc.)
    • Tourist organizations that are interested in the routes, descriptions of certain areas, exclusive photographic materials, etc.
    • Business entities acting in the field of tourism, and other fields as well, which are interested in promoting their products (photo, video, testing of tourist equipment in extreme conditions - tents, canoe, clothes, etc.).
    • Major commercial organizations that are wishing to raise their prestige and ready to contribute to the development of the above projects.

    We are ready to consider all the proposals including passing the routes that are ordered and paid for by the interested parties. Photographing and video filming can be provided, as well as purchasing artefacts to order.

    Our sponsors

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    Russian Association of International Cultural and Humanitarian Relations
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    Tel.: 911-11-00

    International Children's Art Gallery
    105215, Moscow, 5-th Parkovaya ul., 60.
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